Jennifer Lopez and Drake couple, Rob Kardashian hospitalized, Carrie Fisher deceased: The recap ‘people of the week!

Entertainment 1 January, 2017

What a sad week! Between Rob Kardashian, J-Lo and Drake as well as the passing of Carrie Fisher, discover immediately the recap ‘people of the week!
There are weeks like that where we do not really understand what happens … It is the case now and we say that these last days, which should have been festive, have not been for many stars and fans . The big news that has us shaken and devastated is obviously the death of Carrie Fisher, the legendary actress of the Star Wars saga. She had a heart attack on an airplane bringing it back to Los Angeles and his condition seemed to have stabilized yet but unfortunately on December 27, Carrie Fisher passed away at the age of 60 . The tragedy is that her mother, Debbie Reynolds , died too, two days after his daughter. What a drama for the family … We give them all our support. Moreover, all the actors of Star Wars as well as the fans of the whole world have paid them tribute. In addition, on Christmas Day, it is the death of George Michael that we learned and that really saddened us. Which end of year … Let’s hope that 2017 starts a little better! We also had a big thrill this week, since the account Twitter official Sony announced the death of Britney Spears in a car accident … The total misunderstanding was visible on the Net. Fortunately, the record company reacted a few minutes later explaining that it was a piracy … Everyone really imagined the worst!
This week has not been all pink either for the Kardashian / Jenner. Blac Chyna was banned from Christmas of her beautiful family and the young woman uses Dream as a means of pressure on the clan. In addition, Rob Kardashian was hospitalized because he could not control his insulin levels following the stress he experienced his last weeks. Besides, he took a radical decision, that stop her reality show Rob & Chyna to focus on his family and his health. It is surely a wise decision but Blac Chyna will accept it? In addition, the couple formed by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is still talking about him. The rumors of divorce have been relaunched and the couple lighthouse seems really on the edge of the abyss. Their last family picture has not reassured their fans . Will they separate in 2017? We do not wish them! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still at war. Angie would be furious that her ex husband had spent Christmas with their children and she would even be ready to unveil many shocking details to get revenge. Their divorce has really degenerated and it is very sad … Anyway, Brad Pitt would be ready to win back his ex and not just any … This is the singer Sinitta and it is even claiming the … Can we really believe it? We’re not convinced …
Other stars have raised eyebrows this week and it is obviously Drake and Jennifer Lopez who create a real buzz on the web . The two singers would be a couple and Rihanna would not bear it. However, is it a set-up? We do not know, but a close confirmed their relationship … Business to follow! On the side of Kylie Jenner and Tyga, the temperature rose several degrees since the young couple displayed naked in a sextape. How far will they get to talk? For its part, Kendall Jenner was given a few days of vacation with Justin Bieber … A couple is he trying to form? Selena Gomez set a new record for Instagram with Taylor Swift. One of their pictures collected more than 2.8 million like on Instagram . Unfortunately, according to the latest rumors, the two singers would no longer talk to each other. What happened between the BFFs? Some stars have managed to have a good time during the holidays, such as Kris Jenner who exploded with Tyga at Christmas as well as the superb duo Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik who took advantage of it. Dylan O’Brien was also smiling again with his great friend, Tyler Posey who probably need it after his sad break with Bella Thorne . Luckily the friends are there! In any case, a celebrity did not summit of friends at the end of the year and this is Jennifer Lawrence who would simply detestable. Upon promotion for his film Passengers with Chris Pratt, his real face was exposed. Did she hide her game well? While waiting for a new recap ‘people of the week, we wish you all a very good holiday! So the meltynautes, what news have you most marked?