Jennifer Lopez and Drake couple, the rapper always had a crush on the singer!

Entertainment 7 January, 2017

According to new revelations, Drake’s attraction for Jennifer Lopez is not new! Here, to learn more.
Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple, are they happy together? In any case, the relationship between the rapper and the singer seems every day a little more serious, according to revelations in the press. Thus, a source entrusts to E! News: “They laugh well and get along wonderfully The age difference is not a problem for him because he looks older woman J.Lo has always been attracted to younger men, so they.. belong together ” . Moreover, Drake and Jennifer Lopez “going slowly, but a relationship could settle them” because the rapper “treats her like a queen and love his work ethic and family values. This is the first daughter really pleases for a while, except for Rihanna.
And yes, even the stars had crushes of youth before becoming famous! In the case of Drake, it was Jennifer Lopez. Always according to E! News, the interpreter of “One Dance” in “clip for totally J.Lo. He always had a crush on her growing up, so that it materializes is pretty cool for him. He really appreciate” . Can you imagine the trick? Still, the rapprochement between Drake and Jennifer Lopez is no unanimity as Rihanna did not hesitate to clashing interpreter of “On The Floor” and we told you in our recap ‘people of the week . The meltynauts, are you surprised by these revelations?