Jennifer Lopez and Drake couple: The singer makes an adorable promise to his father

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Things are getting more and more serious between Jennifer Lopez and Drake. The singer has now made a promise to his father. Find out which!
Drake and Jennifer Lopez live on love and fresh water . The sounds do not reach them nor even the criticisms concerning their couple. The two singers are united and united, they enjoy every moment. If a few days ago, Drake had made a promise to Jennifer Lopez , today he went even further since he was a father. Yeah, the new couple has just taken a big step in their relationship and it just shows just how adorable they are together. Gone are the playboy side, Drake became a perfect gentleman and spoke man to man with the father of Jennifer Lopez. A source revealed to Hollywood Life how was that time and especially that promise he made Dad JLo!
The source revealed: .. “JLo was on the phone with his father where she spent a pleasant time Drake told him he wanted to speak with him and say hello She gave him the phone and not knowing what Drake She was a little nervous but when Drake said what he said to her father she melted, it was a lovely moment. . What a man ! Few of them would reach her ankle. In addition, he made a real statement to the father of Jennifer Lopez , promising him “that he would never hurt her” . The source added: “Drake wanted to assure him that he was a good man and that he had the best intentions for JLo It is really special for him and he is really attached to it and would also s. To ensure that the whole world knows it. ” . How cute ! One thing is certain, that among them is seriousness. Waiting to hear new touching declarations, discover what Drake gift offered Jennifer Lopez! What do you think of these statements?