Jennifer Lopez and Drake couple: The singer sends secret texts to another star!

Entertainment 7 January, 2017

Just as a couple with Jennifer Lopez, Drake would already send secret text messages to another star. Who is she ? Discover immediately all the details!
It is the couple that makes speak more of him at the beginning of the year! Drake and Jennifer Lopez who have spent New Year together , are on everyone’s lips. No one had seen them come and yet … They seem to be well attached to each other. They enchain apparitions and tender gestures. This is truly one of the most adorable couples. However, Drake is unfortunately not reputed to be a faithful man and it enchains the conquests. At last, the Canadian singer already send secret text messages to another star and is Nicki Minaj . The young woman has just separated from her boyfriend, Meek Mill, and Drake would have sent him several messages. Will Jennifer Lopez have reason to worry? A source close to the rapper confided to Hollywood Life . Discover them immediately!
Drake has always had a crush on Jennifer Lopez and her dreams were therefore made. Can their couple last? We hope so. However, the singer has already sent several secret texts to Nicki Minaj. The source said: “Drake sent some messages to Nicki after hearing it with broken with this looser Drake Meek is happy it’s over, but it wants to ensure that Nicki is well and she did. He cares about her and wants to be there for her, to be a shoulder on which she can lean during this breakup. However, does JLo feel threatened by this relationship? The source added: … “Things between Drake and JLo could not be better, they are strong and Drake does not want to feel threatened JLo But make no mistake, it will be for the Nicki His daughter “She’s like her family, they have a five-year friendship and that means everything to him.” . Luckily the friends are there. In any case, everything seems to go perfectly between Drake and Jennifer Lopez! What do you think of this couple?