Jennifer Lopez and Drake in couple: The singer makes him an adorable promise!

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Jennifer Lopez and Drake seem madly in love with each other. Besides, the singer made him an adorable promise. Discover it immediately!
This is the news that hit the web this year end 2016. Jennifer Lopez and Drake are couple and nobody expected it. The people and the fans were all surprised and even some thought of the shot, but between the two singers, it seems to be serious! Jennifer Lopez and Drake spent the New Year together and the bomba latina has been the biggest fan of his beloved. Their idyll works and the duo proves every day his love! At last, Drake made a promise to the most romantic JLo and singer has completely cracked. What is it ? The suspense lasted enough, discover it immediately!
Between JLo and Drake, this is not fake and they prove it every day. A source told Hollywood Life : “Drake did a lot of plans and promises now and Jennifer really feels even if it is careful He promised to do everything possible to see it when things become hectic.. For Jen, the actions are worth more than the words, so she’ll be really happy if he follows them, but otherwise, she’s cool with all that. ” . Jennifer Lopez also known that Drake is not known for being a loyal guy but according to the same source, it “enjoys and lives in the present moment. She never felt more invested and whatever Happens with Drake, it will be very good for her. ” We only wish them happiness! While waiting to learn more, see if Drake and Jennifer Lopez are happy together! What do you think of their couple?