Jennifer Lopez and Drake: Is their romance just a hit?

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

The two artists orchestrated their idyll to better sell their music.
While they are currently working on their first duet, Jennifer Lopez and Drake continue to talk about them after suddenly close it a few weeks ago. In the middle torque rumors , the singer of 47 years and rapper 30 years will actually leave more since they have posted two pictures of them on social networks. On the last dated December 28, J-Lo is half lying on Drake’s lap while Drake holds her in his arms. So, couple or not couple?
If TMZ claimed mid-December that it was ” a matter of time ” before the two artists formalize their history, none has actually confirmed the status of the relationship. But according to new comments reported in Page Six , it could be that this so-called romance is actually a marketing coup orchestrated to ensure the sales of their future single. ” This relationship is false, it is simply a publicity stunt to promote their common title. If Jennifer Drake and really attended, they would prove far more discreet ,” said Sunday 1 January informant.
Drake does not understand that it’s weird …
After Drake had declared his love to Rihanna for MTV Video Music Awards in August , it would seem that this new romance with another pop star is little credibility in the eyes of some. ” Drake does not understand that it’s weird to declare his love for Huey, then expose her feelings for J.Lo few months later ,” continues-on. There are some days, Rihanna has also decided not to follow Jennifer Lopez on social networks … Would she understood their little game?
One thing is certain, the interpreter of Jenny from the Block does not tire from appearing alongside Drake. Before they celebrated the New Year together in Las Vegas, the duo met on December 29 at a party called “Winter Wonderland Prom”. J-Lo and Drizzy were seen exchanging cuddles and even a kiss in front of their friends. Also according to Page Six , this event would likely be a simple stage to illustrate their musical project. We are eager to know the outcome of the show …