Jennifer Lopez and Drake separate, Rihanna ready to recover with the rapper?

Entertainment 10 February, 2017

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are about to break because the rapper is still in love with Rihanna. But will she give him another chance?
Poor J-Lo! You were told that Drake would be ready to leave Jennifer Lopez to reconquer Rihanna . After being in contact with the Barbadian singer, the Canadian rapper would have realized that she was missing him and that he was still in love with her. Thus, Drake would have sought to turn the heart of Rihanna once again. Both stars have been playing cat and mouse since 2004! By 2016, the performers of “Work” had joined together but eventually broke up. This time could it be the right one? And above all, will Rihanna agree to give Drake another chance? “Rihanna remains cool about Drake in a romantic way.” , A source told Hollywood Life . But it will not be that easy to reclaim it for the rapper.
Recently, a video sowed doubt and suggested that Drake was still in love with Rihanna . The rapper described his ex-girlfriend as Queen. That did not have to please Jennifer Lopez. But to reconquer the Barbadian singer, Drake will have to stand and prove to him that he is ready for a lasting relationship . “She has her feet on the ground and wants a relationship built on a solid foundation. The last thing she needs is this crazy tornado that comes back and spoils her life.” , Said the informant. That’s what it says! Drake tends to be a true heart of artichoke but still seems to return to his first love, Rihanna . It only remains to hope that this time, it will be good! And do you think Drake and Rihanna could soon be a couple again?