Jennifer Lopez: Drake feels threatened by his ex-Casper Smart

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

While Drake is in heaven with Jennifer Lopez, the rapper would be afraid for his relationship and this, because of the former companion of the Latin bomba, the dancer Casper Smart!
December 31, 2016, Drake and Jennifer Lopez spent the New Year together . More than ever accomplices, the two lovebirds flew to Las Vegas direction Hakkasan , an exclusive club in town. The Canadian rapper then gave a concert of madness while JLo did not hesitate to make the trip to come to support it. Moreover, it is very quickly that the singer has been noticed in the public. One more proof that the two celebrities are not ready to leave. But while their romance seems to be part, things are complicated slightly and this, because of their ex, always as omnipresent in their life. So that according to new rumors reported by Hollywood Life , it seems that Drake feels increasingly threatened by Casper Smart, the former boyfriend of the bomba latina.
An understandable fear. Because yes, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been a couple for 5 years. A complicated relationship during which the two celebrities parted to get back together again and again. But if the Puerto Rican singer and dancer recently brought a final this term romance, Drake fear flashback them if we are to believe the words of one source to Hollywood Life : “Casper may be absent from The life of JLo at the moment but Drake is afraid that at any time he will come back and succeed in breaking his relationship with JLo. ” According to the informant, the interpreter of “One Dance” would be persuaded not to measure up to the dancer: “Casper knows everything JLo He knows his body, his heart and every little detail about it and that’s. Who scares Drake, and they’ve always had that relationship to the ‘I love you, me either’ and Drake knows he can not compete. ” Decidedly it is stretched in the celebrity sphere . But these revelations do not seem to spoil their professional relationship. For proof, an extract from the collaboration of Drake & Jennifer Lopez duet was unveiled. Do you think Jennifer Lopez can relate to Casper Smart?