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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


For the past two weeks, the blogger Jeremstar is accused of being an accomplice to rape on a minor. On 20 January last, a young man by the name of Annoir has filed a complaint against the specialist of the reality show to ” corruption, sexual assault on a minor and use of prostitution “. The lawyer of the blogger gives its news in an interview with the magazine Public.

Jeremstar is in turmoil since a young man by the name of Annoir has lodged a complaint against him for aiding and abetting rape on a minor. According to the complainant, the specialist in reality tv would have helped his friend Pascal Cardonna, alias Babybel, to meet with miners during the evenings in order to have sex. One thing that the lawyer Jeremstar, Aude Weill-Raynal, formally denies. “That Pascal Cardonna has (Jeremstar) used as a bait to bring people to him in the course of receptions, I don’t know. But I defy anyone to say that he had participated in, witnessed a rape, or even provided the victims, ” she explains to the journalist of the magazine Public, where it also published two testimonies of the alleged victims.

The blogger defended himself through the press releases it has published on the social networks, but keeps the now silence. “He is overwhelmed, collapsed. If he had kept silent, it is because he wanted to leave work for the police. His silence shall not in any case be interpreted as an embarrassment, a shame, and even less as evidence of his guilt “, argues the lawyer.

To recall, the case began on 15 January, when a blogger by the name of Aqababe has accused the columnist of Thierry Ardisson of stealing a scoop. For revenge, the young man circulated on social networks, a video in which we see Jeremstar masturbating. He was accused by the following Pascal Cardonna, 51 years old, close to Jeremstar, making sexual propositions. to the miners in exchange for a meeting with the specialist of the reality show. A few days after these accusations, a young man by the name of Annoir is expressed in Obs and claimed to have been drugged and raped by the man in his fifties at a party. It ensures that Jeremstar was present this evening and a complaint against him for ” corruption, sexual assault on a minor and use of prostitution “.

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