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Entertainment 17 January, 2018

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Jeremstar is in turmoil. Following the release of an intimate video on social networks, the journalist Thierry Ardisson has decided to suspend its activities.

The story started after the broadcast of a photo of two candidates of the Angels of reality tv 10 (currently in filming). In this photo, Shanna Kress and Adrien Laurent kiss. A photograph taken originally by the blogger Aqababe and then taken by Jeremstar on its website. The first accuses the second of having stolen the scoop. Furious, Aqababe unveiled on Snapchat an intimate video of Jeremstar in which the latter would be masturbating. He also referred to a relative of the blogger over the age of fifty years, and part to France Bleu, Pascal Cardonna known under the name of ” Babybel “. The latter is accused of having multiplied the proposals explicit and sexual to minors in exchange for a meeting with the chronicler.

In the Face of this controversy, the chain C8 did not hesitate to take a radical decision : to suspend temporarily the activities of the chronicler of the emission The Earth’s Sunday, presented by Thierry Ardisson. The decision was made Tuesday, January 16, “by common accord” between Jeremstar and the chain. In addition, his visit to Pau on hand to sign his book ” Jeremstar : my official biography “, scheduled for 20 January, has also been cancelled.

The famous Youtubeur has already lodged a complaint against the young influencer Aqababe, which for its part is trying to reap a maximum of testimonies on social networks for support of his comments.

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