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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


Jeremstar is in turmoil since the release of an intimate video of the chronicler of the land of the Sunday on the social networks. In the Face of this controversy, the chain C8 has suspended temporarily the issue, of a common agreement with him. Jeremstar is a personality reality but also an entrepreneur. The influencer has generated € 900,000 in revenue in 2016. Because of this case, his business flourishing could well become a setback.

Jeremstar is at the head of a business well established. The specialist of the reality show, which was revealed in September 2017, a case of prostitution within the candidates, revenues are very comfortable. Last October, the chronicler of the emission earthlings Sunday (C8) has revealed to the magazine Challenges have paid 200 000 euros of tax in 2016.

The magazine of economics has detailed its sales : 900 000 € collected thanks to his company that employs six employees and operates sites Jeremstar and Add to that the advertisements on its account Sanapchat, he / she is billing at least 10 000 euros for the day. The influencer has also published two books during the year 2017. The sales of his book Jeremstar, my official biography, published on 5 October last, have reached over 40 000 copies in just 24 hours. The blogger is confident and would like to reach 100 000 sales. For 2017, its revenues are estimated at 1.7 million euros.

However, Jeremstar is now entangled in a controversy which he would have liked. The blogger Aqababe was accused of stealing the scoop on the alleged relationship between Shanna Kress and Adrien Laurent, of the candidates of the reality tv Angels 10. For revenge, Aqababe unveiled on Snapchat an intimate video of the influencer, in which he masturbates. Jeremstar has already lodged a complaint against the blogger also argues that the chronicler of C8 is involved in a case of misappropriation of minors. The chain C8 has taken the decision, in agreement with the columnist, and has temporarily suspended Jeremstar.

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