Jerry Lewis : “it was necessary to have the form to be the lover of Marilyn Monroe” – Gala

Entertainment 21 August, 2017


In September 2016, Jerry Lewis was granted an exclusive interview to Gala in receiving us in a suite in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. This is one of his last interviews given to a French media.

Gala : You are considered a legend of Hollywood. What is it that impressed you the most during your first years ?

Jerry Lewis : Marilyn Monroe naked ! I can tell you that it was necessary to have the form to be her lover ! For a month, I could not even move ! (laughter) I have always admired Hollywood, I liked everything in Los Angeles, the places, the food, the people, etc… This place has made me happy all my life.

Gala : In your career, what is the person who struck you most ?

J. L. : John F. Kennedy. He was my President, but also a very close friend. Our friendship lasted until the day of his death. This is someone who I miss terribly and I hope one day I find it when I’m no longer of this world. With him, I had the friendship of the most beautiful and the most intense of my existence.

Gala : How do you explain the relationship passionate that binds you to France for always ?

J. L. : The French have an admiration disproportionate for the films and a respect for amazing filmmakers. They are so passionate about the world of cinema as a whole that they are able to transform any creation into a true masterpiece. It is totally crazy and this explains why I have experienced such a love affair with your country. Also, the fact of not having mentioned too often that I was Jewish no doubt also helped a lot ! (he smiles)

Gala : Have you considered a day of coming to live in France ?

 J. L. : No, I did not like this country to the point of living there. (laughs) I was often asked this question. In fact, I find that my relationship with the French is just perfect : I come to visit them, we spend a little time together, they make me feel that I am someone very important to them and we said goodbye and the next.

Gala : are you afraid of ageing ?

J. L. : No, because when I’m depressed at the thought of getting older, then I’m going in a cemetery, and I say to myself : “thank God, I do find myself still not there ! “. I count myself lucky to be still alive at my age and enjoy every day every moment.

Gala : what’s it like today your day ?

J. L. : I try to do a bit of gym. Sometimes, I get up around 4: 30 in the morning and I put myself in front of my typewriter or my computer, and I work three or four hours on scenarios. Then, I spend the most time possible with my family. My daughter asks me sometimes how it was during the Prehistoric times. When she dares to ask me that, I would give him a slap in the face because I’d like to reconnect with my youth.

Gala : Young, you said that you struggled to save your first marriage (with Patti Lewis, the mother of his six children)…

J. L. : I won’t tell you a single thing about my first marriage : at this time, I jumped on all the women I met. (he laughs)

Gala : And today, are you happy with your second wife, SanDee Pitnick ?

J. L. : This second marriage has lasted for nearly 35 years and since the first day of our life together, my second wife has always been my biggest fan. She was so much like my comedies that she has forgotten during all these years that I was her husband. Look, it’s 13h and I have already called five times in the day. Our love is so beautiful and deep. Since I’m with her, I feel I have the world in my hands. When I don’t see it, I feel totally empty.

Gala : analyzing your life, do you have any regrets ?

J. L. : I never think about regrets. Life is too short. I try to make the most of every moment. When I have regrets, I pass very quickly on to something else. I believe that the key to my happiness was to stay positive constantly. Throughout my life, I have stopped me to fight with everything that was negative.

Gala : are you afraid of death, and how would you like people to remember you ?

J. L. : I don’t care. What will people think of me when I’m gone, I’m not interested. At this stage of my life, I try to enjoy each day. There are 24 hours in the day to enjoy what God has given me and I don’t want to waste a single second before it is too late. Death does not make me really scared…even if I do not try ! (he smiles)

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