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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


Jessica Chastain has taken part in the case, Weinstein, denouncing the deafening silence around his actions for years.

Without a language of wood. Jessica Chastain comes on Twitter to take part in the huge debate that took place in the United States on sexual harassment. Following the revelations in the New York Times on the behaviors of Harvey Weinstein, former head of Miramax and founder of The Weinstein Company, with dozens of women, actresses, assistants, models… Jessica Chastain has recalled the “stories” around Weinstein was well known, and for a long time :” I have been warning from the beginning. These stories were everywhere. Deny it comes back to generate an environment in which this will happen. “she wrote on Twitter.

The one who is the origin of the careers of Soderbergh, Tarantino, but also Matt Damon, is accused of having harassed and sexually abused female employees. To have, for at least eight of them, to sign confidentiality agreements. To have used its power hobbled the careers of those, like Rose McGowan, who denounced his actions. Since Sunday, he has been ousted from his company for infringement of the code of conduct. An event that allowed languages to come untied. And this is only the beginning. In France, Emma de Caunes, Judith Godrèche and now Léa Seydoux, have said they were victims of Harvey Weinstein. In the Usa, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, or even Cara Delevingne have finally taken the floor to discuss the threats and the abuse they have suffered.

This is not as a victim that Jessica Chastain has chosen to express himself, but that the silence does not last on this type of action. Taken away by some “tweeters” on the fact that one of his films The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby had been produced by Weinstein, Chastain is justified that the film had been bought once turned out that it was a decision of the director. The actress has also long since taken the floor to denounce the inequalities between men and women in Hollywood, the establishment, in march 2016 a production company with Juliette Binoche to counteract the representation of actresses on the screen. She has also always refused to work with Woody Allen, accused sexual abuse on his daughter, and has never supported Roman Polanski, also taken in business since the 70’s.

Jessica Chastain

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