Jim Carrey : the notes of the psychologist of his ex-girlfriend who committed suicide overpower Gala

Entertainment 25 August, 2017


Jim Carrey is accused by the family of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, have pushed the latter to suicide. The actor will plead not guilty in a trial that will be held next year but a new revelation is likely to tilt the judges ‘ decision in his favour.

Two years that Jim Carrey lives a very difficult period that it exorcizes we now know in the painting. A documentary about the passion, directed by David Bushell and entitled” Jim Carrey : I Needed Color (I need color “) comes into effect to amaze the Canvas. One sees the actor painting enormous paintings very colorful and very interesting : “I don’t know what the painting teaches me, I only know that it frees me up. It frees me from the future, it frees me from the past, it frees me from regrets, it frees me from the problems “, he explains.


A need of color because since the 28th of September 2015, the life of the hero of The Truman Show is dark, very dark. It is in effect on this date that his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White has given the death by absorbing the Ambien (a sleeping pill), Percocet (a pain) and Propranolol to combat panic attacks. Drugs that have been bought by Jim Carrey under a false name. A practice quite common in the United States to keep the anonymity of the stars, but a sufficient reason for the family could sue him. The mother and the former husband of Cathriona White, accusing it, in effect, the comic actor to be the cause of the suicide of the young woman. Determined to wash his honor, Jim Carrey has always denied these accusations, but it has not prevented the holding of a trial to come in the month of April 2018 where he will be tried for homicide by imprudence.


And while the lawyers of the two sides are actively preparing their arguments, the Daily Mail just reveal the contents of the notes of the psychologist Cathriona White dating of their interviews conducted between October 2012 and July 2013. Written report of a discussion between Jim Carrey and his girlfriend about a possible herpes of the actor ; the latter would have simply explained that it was irritation due to shaving. Cathriona White explains that she has decided to perform a screening, and that at this exact moment Jim Carrey would have suddenly left it. The psychologist, noting a degradation of the mental condition of his patient, abundant as well in the sense of the indictment. A new written evidence that is likely to play against the actor at his trial ; this last, which, according to the family of the deceased would have accelerated the process of depression of Cathriona White passing, hepatitis A, herpes and chlamydias.

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