Jim Parsons: A beautiful and funny declaration of love to his beloved …

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

The actor wanted to mark the occasion for an important date in his eyes!
jim-parsons-et-son-amoureux-todd-photoFlagship television personality thanks to her role in the hit series The Big Bang TheoryAmerican actor Jim Parsons remains very discreet in his private life. On the occasion of its 14-year relationship with her partner, however, it is out of his reserve …
It was on his Instagram account that the actor, 43, interprets the character of Sheldon Cooper in the series of CBS, cracked the armor commenting a picture of her and her boyfriend Todd Spiewak. ” I met this guy (the one with the microphone) there are fourteen years old today and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, no doubt. One of the greatest gifts that I have made, this is not to take me sing karaoke. in addition, I think it was a selfie made with a real camera, our mobile phones could not do this at this time hahaha! #todd #anniversary ” has he wrote.
The Jim Parsons of homosexuality had been revealed by a journalist from the New York TimesIn May 2012, when the actor playing a gay man in the play The Normal Heart . Thereafter, the star had finally freely about in the media and, in 2013, before publicly dedicate his Emmy to his spouse by saying, ” To my favorite person on Earth, Todd Spiewak! ” As for marriage, despite the law allowing unions between same-sex couples in the United States, Jim Parsons does not seem in a hurry, as he had told Ellen DeGeneres .
Note that Jim Parsons is nominated for Best Comedy Series Actor at the ceremony of the People’s Choice Awards 2017, to be held on 18 January.