Entertainment 17 November, 2016

dumbledore-grindelwald-2In a press conference last Thursday, Rowling confirmed that several characters from the saga Harry Potter will be present in the suites of Fantastic Beasts , released in cinemas today (to read our review, it’s here !). Not really a surprise because it was already known that at least Dumbledore would in suites (failing to have simply been mentioned in Fantastic Beasts ). But the author took the opportunity to say more about it.

Already Dumbledore is gay . Well, that is no longer a secret, so the question is never mentioned either in books or in movies, Rowling had already officially confirmed in a 2007 interview .

In Harry Potter , Dumbledore is a person of great importance, but very secret , very little is known about him. If we learn a little more about his dark past and his relationship with Grindelwald, many mysteries remain. Mysteries that might be finally lifted in Fantastic Beasts , since Rowling has ensured that the young Dumbledore will be less secret than it is in the original saga.

“I’m very comfortable on this question (note: Dumbledore’s homosexuality) There is much to say about this relationship You will see a younger Dumbledore and disturbed We find ourselves in a period of training…. as for her sexuality … Stay tuned! ”

Rowling has also entrusted the origin of the proposed adaptation of Fantastic Beasts (remember that the book came out in 2001 is actually a textbook belonging to Harry, not a story). When Warner bought the rights to the book, she gave them his vision of Norbert dragonet , she already had in mind for a while.
ediie rowling

“The character of Norbert occurred to me I had already thought about what had happened to Norbert, and that it was I thought it best to tell them (note: the Warner).. I did not want not they understand Norbert wrong. ”

The author also responded to skeptical fans who can consider an extension of the universe without the presence of Harry himself.

“Yes, it’s true that Harry will not be in the movies, it is not yet born. But the universe is there, and there are characters of Harry Potter as you learn to know with Animals fantastic . (…) I think we’ve done a good job. I have a story I really wanted to tell. ”

So we have to wait for the result of Norbert dragonet adventures to learn more about Dumbledore and his heavy past!