Jocelyn Wildenstein: the “female cat” is totally ruined

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Deprived of her monthly support of $ 111,000 for more than a half and a half, Jocelyn Wildenstein no longer has the means to lead her sumptuous lifestyle and plans to file a complaint against her ex-husband’s family.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a major actor of the New York socialite, better known for its countless cosmetic surgeries than any talent. Private jet travel, villas by the sea, luxury cars … So far, the one we nicknamed the “cat woman” was financing his lifestyle luxury thanks to maintenance of 111 thousand dollars a month it was obtained after his divorce from the billionaire Alex Wildenstein in 1999 . Unfortunately for her, this time is gone.
In an interview with journalist Daphne Barak and unveiled by the Daily Mail , Jocelyn Wildenstein has revealed not touch anything since March 2015 and be totally ruined. ” I was not ready. How can I pay the dentist, doctors, manage expenses for my homes and travel? I have nothing ” . During a year and a half, the septuagenarian has had to rely on financial support from her partner Lloyd Klein, designer 27 years his junior, who eventually quit after she was savagely attacked with scissors .
Alone and desperate, Jocelyn Wildenstein says he no longer has enough to eat. To replenish its bank account, the famous “cat woman” is now considering two options: sell the apartments it owns in the luxurious Trump Tower in Manhattan or complaint against the Wildenstein family to get his support .