JoeyStarr accuses his ex-manager to be a cocaine addict and a crook

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

Sebastien Farran and JoeyStarr have been colleagues and friends for years. Today everything between them. The rapper was also made on social networks to attack again to his ex-manager.

joeystarrFor twenty-five years, and Sebastien Farran JoeyStarr were colleagues. More than that, the two men were close friends to the point that the rapper did his manager godfather to his children . Their links are broken yet four years now. After an initial confrontation through the media , JoeyStarr has given a coat yesterday on social networks. It’s falling on the invitation of a master class organized by his former accomplice as a co-founder of NTM cracked. On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the rapper wrote to her many followers: ” Master Class Sebastien Farran … To learn how to smoke everyone including his family and catching cold few penguins who were not aware of. I laugh because he left me some teeth . ” Following the message, a series of hashtags including” #cocainetopchef “and” #aircocaine ” , referring to the alleged addiction of his ex-manager.
If Sebastien Farran has not yet reacted to this attack, he had written an open letter to JoeyStarr in June, following the remarks outspoken rapper who said of him: ” The Farran technology invariably is to block up with the cash to end tonight for the charitable or otherwise, no moods. I remember it was my manager and had all kinds of proxies to be used at will and it is not private. “the room was not slow to respond on social networks, too. ” Without any official procedure, you accuse me of various scams that I have committed to your detriment, robbing you without restraint for 10 years. Today, my company financially supports your ‘mistakes’ ‘ . The separation of the two men seems in any case their smiles respectively. For its part, Sebastien Farran is now the manager of one of the biggest stars of French song: Johnny Hallyday . His, JoeyStarr connects music, television and film projects . To believe that it is sometimes good to change a winning team.