John Wick 2: Keanu Reeves Defeats Gangster in a New Delirious TV Spot

Cinema 4 February, 2017

A new TV spot of John Wick 2 has just been unveiled on the net. And, beware, it is more delusional than impressive, for the good reason that it celebrates … Valentine’s Day!
No rest for the heroes! Or, in this case, for the former hired killers, who would nevertheless like to enjoy a peaceful retreat – and well deserved! After singularly diminished the ranks of the Russian mafia, now John Wick returned to film in February alongside Christian Grey and Selene Fifty Shades Darker and Underworld: blodd War, in the aptly named John Wick 2 . This time, the character of Keanu Reeves will have to rub against some of the most fearsome murderers of the world, to give a helping hand to his old friend, Santonino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scarmacio), who needs his help for Take control of a mafia organization. Just that ! So that John Wick is forced to leave the United States to travel to Rome and do what it best: kill all those who are in its path . And as you will see, there will be victims! The studios come to unveil a new TV spot of the film which, once is not custom, is rather delirious. And for good reason, it celebrates … Valentine’s Day! Understand …
And here we are far enough from the extract of John Wick 2 that you melty unveiled last few days! As you can see, he faces a crime lord (Lawrence Fishburne) or shoots his henchmen in a row, John Wick keeps his composure in all circumstances! And it can be said that he delights in it. If this new TV spot does not give us much in terms of clues or indications about the plot of John Wick 2 , it’s still pretty crazy. And not because he shows us our hero in completely delirious action scenes. No, it is rather the comic accumulation of bodies that collapse in front of him that makes this video also cheerful. The title itself of this teaser – which, in those circumstances, would result in ” Everybody falls in love with John Wick ” and plays on the double meaning of the word ” fall ” – is ultimately as funny ironic. It makes us also a bit like the teaser of Deadpool that Fox unveiled last year and which featured his film as a romantic comedy …. Finally, what TV spot told us most is that John Wick has lost none of his talent hitman and is ready to knock the gangster ! Come on, now, you know what to do for Valentine’s Day … Will you see the movie?