John Wick 2: What do the first critics say?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

John Wick 2 multiplies press projections. But what do the specialists say about this sequel?
John Wick, ruthless killer, soon sign his return and we proved it was still as good to knock gangster in a new TV spot delusional . But while the fans of Keanu Reeves are eagerly waiting to find him on our screens, happy journalists have had the chance to discover the film. Then say the first returns of John Wick 2 ? To Variety, this sequel is a success “As in 2014, the elegant choreographed action sequences give a dazzling form of modern dance” . For THR, the film has no trouble beating its predecessor and is very good. Quite simply. Enough to reassure the future spectators.
The Wrap once again underlines the quality of choreography, stating that “the liquidator returns” . And for those who have seen the first game, we can say easily confirm that the character of Keanu Reeves is not in lace! Forbes chooses meanwhile for simplicity “This result is a great adventure” . In short, all the elements seem to be present to make John Wick (which makes use of film output in February with Underworld Wars and Blood Fifty Shades Darker) excellent stress relief. Because it is one of the aims of this production uncomplexed: to propose sequences enjoyment for the spectators! John Wick 2 will be released on February 22 in France. Ready to discover the film?