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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


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The arrival of Jade and Joy, the two daughters of Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia have changed his life. At the time First lady, the wife of Jacques Chirac, had accelerated the adoption proceedings for their friend Johnny.

Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday have never been able to have children. In the early 2000s, they decided to adopt in Vietnam, a country then considered by hundreds of couples as the”eldorado” of the French in the evil of offspring.

In 2004, the approach that Johnny had not gone unnoticed. In question ? In its speed. Six months after having given notice of his intention, that the couple had indeed achieved satisfaction whereas the time limit for an authorisation of adoption was at least… nine months. Other couples in the same situation reflected so that the proceedings could last for three years, at a minimum.

The explanation was simple. At the time First lady, Bernadette Chirac was in October 2004 on an official trip with her husband, Jacques, Vietnam. The minister of vietnam, of Justice, it had had then slipped in : “do you Know Johnny Hallyday ? You know, he and his wife can’t have children. “ The procedure was, to say the least accelerated. Accuracy : in 1979, the couple Chirac himself had adopted a young girl of 21 years, Anne-Dao was born in Vietnam.

In November 2004, Joy was leaving and for an orphanage in Hanoi for the family Hallyday, followed in 2008 by her sister Joy. Laeticia was explained in the Gala on his choice of names : “there is an author that I love, François Garagnon. We correspond a lot, it sends me thoughts always uplifting and full of wisdom. He has written several books, including one called Jade and the other Joy. “

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