Johnny Depp and David Beckham have one thing in common!

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

Who thought Johnny Depp and David Beckham would have one thing in common? Well it’s done and find out which one!
Right now, Johnny Depp is on everyone’s lips . Since his divorce with Vanessa Paradis and his tumultuous relationship with Amber Heard, the actor seems to have experienced very difficult moments. In addition, he was completely ruined and is on trial with his managers. But luckily, it seems to go up the slope and today Johnny Depp is getting better and it’s fun at a festival . This year, he is the patron of the Glastobury Outdoor Film Festival and it is the first time he attends. Moreover, the organizer had entrusted to the British site Metro that Johnny Depp was bursting out to organize and manage his tent. But beware, he will not be the only star of the festival since David Beckham will also be present!
The Glastobury Festival started on June 21 and will close on Monday, June 26 and attention Johnny Depp is the sponsor of this new edition. In addition, Ed Sheeran revealed to The Sun that “Victoria and David Beckham will be present, they bought tickets separately .” Johnny Depp and David Beckham will be both present at this festival and should both be camping. Ed Sheeran added, “They were going to go anyway and I think I would see them at some point. We really live next to each other.” . If Ed Sheeran wants to find David and Victoria Beckham, will Johnny Depp and the footballer spend time together? Maybe some photos will fall but waiting to know more, Find out the disturbing details of Johnny Depp’s trial ! What do you think ?