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Entertainment 20 August, 2017


In the midst of the financial crisis and psychological, Johnny Depp has initiated a procedure against those he accuses him of having squandered his fortune. The same people who are today targeted by the us tax authorities.

The fight continues. Ruined and in the midst of setbacks in court do not end up with Johnny Depp sees, perhaps, the end of the tunnel. Beginning 2017, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean had turned against its former managers of The Management Group (TMG), ensuring that they had mishandled his fortune. The Los Angeles Times has just announced that chief financial officers in question were now the target of the us tax authorities. Good news for the star ?

The american services are currently on the trail of the leaders of the TMG, suspected of being involved in cases of fraud and money laundering. The company has not been slow to replicate with a press release in good and due form : “In 30 years of business, no customer, current or former TMG complained, other than Johnny Depp, who continues to spread lies and malicious and not based on the company”. The ex-employees of Johnny Depp are ready to do battle with the star who accumulates the torments and whose way of life is regularly pointed out.

With a debt estimated at $ 40 million, the Daily Mail had announced that he was a buyer compulsive disorder, and suffering from psychological disorders, two sufficient reasons to squander his own money. Last may, Johnny Depp had responded to these attacks by taking directly the TMG in part : “Why can’t I have not scratched of the list of their clients if I was out of control ?. A question to which his former managers may need to meet one day.

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