Johnny Depp: Kate Moss confides in their relationship!

Entertainment 9 February, 2017

More than twenty years later, the couple Kate Moss / Johnny Depp continues to make talk. The sublime 43-year-old mannequin confided in their old relationship in a recent interview.
In the 1990s, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, who lost a lot of weight after her divorce , were definitely Hollywood’s hottest couple. The actor was just beginning to shoot in the movies, between Jump Street and Edward with silver hands , revealing his beautiful mouth to the whole Earth, while Kate Moss chained magazine covers, photoshoots and parades. They stayed only four years together, but their couple marked the world of celebrities . The proof, 27 years later, it continues to make talk! More recently, Kate Moss confided in her youth in W magazine , her first kiss and her first crush. And the beautiful model of 43 years could not help but slip the name of her former lover, Johnny Depp. “I had a crush on Johnny Depp when I was young ,” she said, before admitting she was also cracking on Rob Lowe, who was at the top of his career with Movie Outsiders ! Not really the same guy as Johnny Depp, but everyone’s tastes after all!
Kate Moss has never been the type to much to spill over his old relationships. But she still confided that Johnny Depp had been the only person who was able to care for her! “I thought what he was saying. He advised me on everything. This is what I missed the most when I left: the precious opinion of someone I trusted in , “she told the Vanity Fair US . Their breakup was very difficult for the model, who had “years and years of grief” . Since then, they have remained friends, and they have made their lives each on their own. But they have both been singles for a few months, and they have come a long way in recent times, some media lending a new relationship to Johnny Depp and Kate Moss . So, return of flame or not? Business to follow!