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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


Between his daily expenses and his lifestyle up to 200 km/h, Johnny Depp has a daily busy. The american actor would spend no less than $ 2 million per month.

Johnny Depp has never been known to be economical, of course. But the american actor has just been referred to by its creditors who accuse it of spending too much. After a year 2017 tumultuous, marked by his divorce with Amber Heard, the famous pirates of the Caribbean has apparently not taken into account the advice of its bankers. According to the information of the Daily Mail, the famous actor, 54 years old would continue to live a full life by spending astronomical amounts of money. He would live well above its means for the past several years.

Between Johnny Depp and the company TMG (The Management Group), it is the war. According to creditors, the actor would have accumulated for the loans. Today, the company requires the list of all of its loans that exceed $ 5,000. In addition, TMG has pointed the finger at spending somewhat futile of the ex-companion of Vanessa Paradis. Thus it would have recently bought a yacht for $ 18 million. And that’s not all : according to information from the company, he would have used no fewer than 40 people, it would spend $ 30,000 per month for the wine… in Short, a lifestyle that is mind-boggling in excess of $ 2 million per month.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that TMG and Johnny Depp show their disagreement financial. The actor has accused the company of negligence and fraud after having been forced to pay tax penalties of $ 5.6 million for failing to pay his taxes.

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