Johnny Depp receives an award, fans of Amber Heard continue to clash!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

While Johnny Depp recently received a prize, the fans of his ex-wife Amber Heard still continue to violently criticize him on social networks!
Recently, Johnny Depp thanked his fans in an emotional speech . As you know, the career of the actor was welcomed at the ceremony of the People’s Choice Awards 2017 . Nominated in the category “Favorite Movie Icon” , who embodies Captain Jack Sparrow walked away with the award before a cheering crowd. And yet, the way to achieve it has not been simple in recent months. For good reason, the actor of 53 years had to face a divorce ultra mediatised and complicated. Accused of being violent and alcoholic by Amber Heard , Johnny Depp has long been dragged through the mud. And while his divorce was finally pronounced, the former partner Vanessa Paradis always received strong criticism from the fans of his ex-wife. Indeed, fans of Amber Heard believe that the actor should not have received this award. The reason ? Remember, it all started when TMZ released a video. A sequence in which one could see the drunken American comedian and very angry after his ex-girlfriend . As a result, rumors of domestic violence have only intensified …
And it was on Twitter that the negative comments fuse on Johnny Depp . So that for some users, the actor is a violent man . This is reflected in the many criticisms of social networks. “Johnny Depp, that this manipulative accomplice to this ceremony. Thank you for having forgotten that he hit his ex-wife” wrote twittos. While another adds: “Instead of going to jail like any violent man should, Johnny Depp receives an award and a standing ovation.” But that’s not all ! A surfer has not failed to trump ironically: “So Johnny Depp won the Movie Icon to PCA last night … I say this just in case you are wondering whether domestic violence charges can ruin Career of men. ” Messages that may arouse strong reactions on the web . Anyway, now divorced Johnny Depp, Amber Heard new life. As proof, she is in love again. And you, what do you think of the reaction of these Internet users?