Johnny Depp ruined, all his expenses unveiled!

Entertainment 15 February, 2017

$ 480 million. That’s what Johnny Depp spent in 17 years. Now ruined, all his expenses have now been made public.
One can better understand why Captain Jack Sparrow wants at all costs to get his hands on gold in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean . Johnny Depp is not the least avaricious. In 17 years, the 53-year-old actor spent an average of $ 2 million a month, or nearly $ 480 million . But it is now completely ruined , and it should notably about $ 4.2 million to its former financial firm, The Management Group. But how did it happen? The detail of his spending has recently been unveiled by the finance firm, and the least that can be said is that Johnny Depp knows how to have fun. For example, he spent $ 75 million buying and renovating his 14 homes. He also bought a yacht for 18 million, Not less than 45 luxury cars, and disburses nearly 700,000 dollars just for good wine and 200,000 in laundry fees. And yet it is only a small part of its expenses.
The actor is also a great lover of art, and he has also spent fortunes there to acquire paintings by his favorite artists, such as Andy Warhol and Klimt. He also owns about 70 collectible guitars and other precious souvenirs stored in 12 different locations. Another considerable expense was the $ 3 million he had squandered to shoot from a cannon specially built for the occasion the ashes of his friend and author Hunter Thompson over Aspen, Colorado. In addition, he adds his private jet rides, and other extravagant spending revealed by The Huffington Post and better understands why Johnny Depp’s fortune has soared. And yet, the actor obviously has not finished, Since his new fad would be to build tunnels between his houses to avoid paparazzi. In your opinion, will Johnny Depp succeed in making a fortune?