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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Johnny Depp suffered a serious financial crisis in recent times. While the actor is accused of having squandered his fortune, today it is his former managers that are the target of the us tax authorities for money laundering. The comedian, on his side, tries to bail out his bank accounts, by separating of some real estate. He has recently found a buyer for one of its penthouses in the city of Los Angeles (California).

Johnny Depp was recently spotted at the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (Vancouver) in the costume of captain Jack Sparrow, on the 14th of August last. The comedian has spent more than five hours with the children to make them forget, for a time, illness and suffering. The artist may have been given time to forget all the woes that him hang around. Buyer compulsive disorder, he is in debt of 40 million euros and is currently in process against his former managers that are suspected of money laundering by the us tax authorities.

In this period of unrest, the interpreter ofEdward scissorhands trying to catch the bull by the horns and make the right choices. It has already begun to sell one of the penthouses he owns in Los Angeles. The lucky new owner will enjoy three bedrooms and two bathrooms but also a breathtaking view on the mountains bordering the city of california since the art deco building of the 30s. The actor of Charlie and the chocolate factory has received in exchange not less than 1.82 million. A sum of money that will be involved, maybe just a little, to fill the hole unfathomable that the actor has dug in its accounts.

Johnny Depp is defined as a buyer-compulsive disorder. It has, for example, bought spontaneously on the sofa that he noticed in the reality show of Kim Kardashian, to $ 7,000, to offer it to his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. It would, for years, spent nearly two million dollars per month, of which 27 000 euros in wine. On the fourteen properties that he owns throughout the world, the actors did put on sale, for the moment, that her 5 penthouses of Los Angeles. He was reluctant even to sell his private jet for fear of being the ideal prey of the paparazzi along the main lines.

Johnny Depp

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