Johnny Depp wants to murder Donald Trump, his disturbing remarks!

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

Here is another story that will stick to the skin of Johnny Depp. The actor made remarks about the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who made controversy. Here is the video …
As the star seemed to climb the slope, new and overwhelming information about it was unveiled. A few days ago, disturbing details about Johnny Depp’s finances were revealed. What’s more, an old case related to his ex wife, Amber Heard , has surfaced. Official records would confirm that Jack Sparrow’s interpreter in Pirates of the Caribbean had been violent with her during their marriage. Today, Johnny Depp’s comments were strongly criticized. While he was the guest of the Glastonbury Festival, on Thursday, June 22, Lily-Rose’s father made humor by referring to US President Donald Trump and his possible assassination by “an actor ”
Was the Hollywood star aware that she was being filmed during her talk at the Glastonbury Festival ? In any case, the video of his remarks went around the Net. For a few minutes, Johnny Depp tried to make sense of humor by referring to President Donald Trump: “Is it possible to bring President Trump, please … I think he needs help!” ‘Is just a question, I’m not suggesting anything particular, but …’ . Then, the actor, who continues on a humorous note, goes further: ” When was the last time an actor murdered a president?” .