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Entertainment 21 December, 2017

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In his book Johnny, I love you, Pascal Louvrier returns on a episode especially dark of the life of the singer, following a surgical operation.

Johnny had passed close to death many times. For a long time, it has emerged as a true survivor, escaping each time to the grim Reaper. In a book in the form of an intimate portrait, Pascal Louvrier made an emotional return to the personality tormented by the ‘ willing to do anything to defeat his inner demons and give himself entirely to the public.

In September 2009, Johnny Hallyday triumph with his Round of 66. Of passing at the Zenith of Lille, he comes exhausted to the scene. “Back pain doesn’t let go despite the pain killers and the alcohol that he ingests to keep” tells the writer. The rocker then takes the decision to have surgery for his herniated disc. It is supported by dr. Delajoux, November 26. Two days later, the star falls on the staircase of his home in Marnes-la-Coquette. Balance sheet : a scar that opens and Laeticia, who made him a bandage of fortune. Her doctor denounces a “madness” so that the couple does at the end of the afternoon at his clinic. Then Johnny and Laeticia moved to Los Angeles.

The 13 hours flight exhausted, and his scar of the spear. Upon arrival, the staff of the airport will be require to install it in a wheelchair. “This image will be taken up by all the magazines people,”explains Pascal Louvrier. At his home in Pacific Palisades, Johnny Hallyday takes “cocktails médocs”. Infected, the scar is used to move the poison in his veins. It is finally admitted on an emergency basis on December 7, reoperated and then placed in an induced coma until 14, “above all to avoid a cardiac arrest linked to the withdrawal of forced alcohol” says the author.

In the last days, to try to express the terrible pain, Johnny drank a lot and smoke a lot. His body is in a pitiful state, ” says he in his book. According to the writer, the american doctors discover that ” Johnny is infected down to the bone “. While France is preparing to say goodbye to him, the Taulier returns from the dead, two days before Christmas. “He must not drink or smoke. But the most worrying thing is that it has almost no voice. His entourage asks : Johnny, can he sing ? ” describes Pascal Louvrier.

After a long rehabilitation and a marathon judicial, Johnny makes his return. This survivor, which has always sought to take advantage of every moment of life, has made his last breath in the night of 5 to 6 December 2017, after having resisted for months with a cancer of the lungs.


Johnny Hallyday

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