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Entertainment 17 December, 2017


It didn’t take very long wait for the death of Johnny Hallyday stirs the bassesses. The JDD reveals, indeed, that a man is trying to monetize a photo of the rocker placed in a coffin.

If the death of Johnny Hallyday shook the whole of France, some do not lose the North and are trying to make a profit on the back of the singer. A mysterious photographer travels the streets of Paris, with the aim, questionable, to sell a cliche macabre. The latter would have approached the manager of the store of items dedicated to the star. “The man offered me on the phone, the photo of Johnny in his coffin. I cannot imagine that it was made by a member of the family. This must be a person present during the embalming of the body”, the shopkeeper explained to JDD.

A practice is far from isolated. The day after the ceremony tribute, which was held in the church of the Madeleine, a program of the mass was offered for sale on the internet for the modest sum of 200 euros. More surprising, a butt, as the rocker would have brought to his lips at the concert des Vieilles Canailles at Carcassonne, is available on The Boncoin for 90 euros. Should we throw stones at these people ? Because, as reminded by the JDD, this is Johnny, him, even, that initiated the trade about his person. And this, in order to maintain his legend. The star has staked everything on the merchandising, ranging up to press discs of gold especially for his audience. Result, today, in the formal and the auctions, the prices of the objects having belonged to the Taulier crest relatively low, compared to those of other stars.


Johnny Hallyday

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