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Entertainment 15 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

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Johnny Hallyday was incredibly extravagant, and it was manifested in the mansions that he has acquired throughout his life. The Lorada, the Savannah, the Villa Jade… tower of horizons, luxury homes, oversized and of the rocker.

Johnny Hallyday was the king of the high rollers. The rocker was not the kind to save, a character trait that manifests itself in the splendid villas in which he lived in the four corners of the world, all as luxurious as each other. The Savannah, Marnes-la-Coquette, remains in which he pushed his last breath on the 6th of December last, is spread over 900 square meters of living space, decorated by the architect Philippe Puron. To look after the star during his free time, he has built a cinema room, that can accommodate twenty people, but also a tennis court and a swimming pool on the area of 5 500 square meters. In his lifetime, Johnny Hallyday wanted to yet separate, it had put on sale its whimsical home between 15 and 18 million euros, according to le Figaro, before resigning themselves to the keep, having not found buyers. Today focus too much painful memories for Laeticia Hallyday, Savannah, ga has been on the market.

The ‘ cherished especially St. Barth’s, where he would spend a dream vacation surrounded by his family and where he chose to be buried. After the burial on December 11, the widow of Johnny had put his bags to the Villa Jade, where she began her process of mourning, taking care of the tomb of the man of her life. Again, the house is the witness testimony to the megalomania of the Taulier : on more than 500 square metres, there are eight rooms, four of which are in free-standing pavilions, a living room modular, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, a gym, a cinema room… A luxury that the family Hallyday was rented during his absence.

Los Angeles, Gstaad, Saint-Tropez

Laeticia Hallyday live now, with her daughters Jade and Joy, Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, where the rocker was built in 2010 another home out of proportion, as he loved so much. In this villa of 650 square meters, seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. In addition, there is the incredible collection of cars and motorcycles, Johnny Hallyday.

This is not finished : the rocker had made the acquisition in 2006 of a cottage of 320 square feet with nine rooms and two terraces in Switzerland, in Gstaad. The remains served primarily to tax domiciliation to the rocker, who strove, by all means, to escape the taxman… Finally, the Lorada (contraction of Laura and David, his first two children), his cozy nest of 710 square metres and two hectares of land in Saint-Tropez with views over the beaches of Pampelonne, built in 1989 and that Johnny Hallyday has sold in the 2000s. Cactus, fountain, swimming pool with lagoons and islands topped with palm trees, not to mention the gym, the steam room and the helicopter landing pad.

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Johnny Hallyday

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