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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


A statue of Johnny Hallyday is expected to be inaugurated next June in the Ardeche, Viviers, where his mother Huguette Clerc is buried.

The fans of Johnny Hallyday are going through a period of mourning quite difficult : they cannot collect on the grave of their idol, the one located in Saint-Barth. The singer has indeed wished to be buried on the island paradise, in the shade of the palm trees, facing the fullness of the ocean. Laeticia Hallyday, his wife, remained faithful to her husband until the end, held firm in the face of criticism and controversy and has honoured the last wishes of her husband.

If fans of the Taulier can’t all afford an expensive round-trip to St. Barth’s, they have, despite everything, a monument dedicated to Johnny Hallyday on which to cry. A statue is under construction by the artist Georges Daniel in the Ardèche, at the entrance of the town of Viviers, where the mother of the ‘ Huguette Clerc has lived and is buried, according to France 3 Regions. A sculpture, which has cost 12, 000 euros, funded to the tune of 3 000 € by the fans, the artist has taken charge of the remaining costs. Grandiose, it is expected to reach 2.70 metres on the day of his inauguration, scheduled for June 15, the day of the anniversary of Johnny. “Her mom is there. And for 17 years, he came to see her, so we had a connection of body, of flesh and soul, it’s beautiful !”, a delighted Peter Regotaz, at the initiative of the project.

The sculptor George Daniel has not been stingy with anecdotes from our colleagues from France 3 : “The head, I resumed three times. And then the rest, I’ll be honest, I took a photo of a topless because when you are figurative, even dressed up, it is necessary to make the character with the muscles to be more fair. So I did that, sorry Johnny, I’ve done it naked. And after that, I dressed.”

Photo credits : JUNIOR / BESTIMAGE

Johnny Hallyday

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