Johnny Hallyday and money, and how the rocker had decided to put aside Gala

Entertainment 23 December, 2017


With its many musical hits, Johnny Hallyday has never been in need. Over the course of his career, the famous rocker has chosen to spend his money without counting. But referred to by the tax authorities, the singer has no choice but to put aside…

“I love the money and, at the same time, I do not care royally,” confided Johnny Hallyday to Télérema in 2003. Thanks to the sale of his albums and his tours sold-out, the interpreter of “I promise you” has garnered a colossal fortune, and this his debut in the musical universe. Many times, the idol of young people has even been cited as the singer with the best paid of the Hexagon. But then, his fortune has also been a weight-for-Johnny Hallyday, which was controlled by the inland revenue on several occasions – he was also sentenced to prison with reprieve. This is not a coincidence that during the last fifty years, several lawyers and tax advisors have tried to reason with him. In vain.

Johnny Hallyday loved to spend without counting. With his fortune, he offered the most beautiful motorcycles and classic cars, were to travel unexpected to the other side of the planet, chose the luxury villas are out of your price range at the four corners of the world, Marnes-la-Coquette, Saint-Barthélemy, or even in Los Angeles. A way for him to bring pleasure to his loved ones. And this train of flamboyant life, ” american “, Johnny Hallyday was conscious to enjoy it : “My only trouble with money is that I spend too much and then I owe a lot to the tax authorities,” he added in Télérama.

Then Johnny Hallyday tried to control himself” with a good system “to avoid trouble :” Whatever I earn, I put office 60 % of side, and the rest, I’m having a blast with it. I spent twenty-five years of my life to repay my debts and taxes and I have no desire to start over again. ”

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Johnny Hallyday

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