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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


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Johnny Hallyday maintained strong links with the lycée français de Los Angeles where are school girls Jade and Joy. The singer liked to learn more about school performance.

Johnny Hallyday leaves visibly good memories to all those who worked in Los Angeles. While its girls are enrolled at the French school in the City of Angels, the singer was also unanimously withinone of the schools most prestigious in the world. This is reported by Paris Match in an article revealing the everyday life of a sacred monster that is missing in many people.

“In class 5th many children have cried when they learned of the death of Johnny. They have also decided to write a little song for the choir, ” says Clara-Lisa Kabbaz, president of the lycée français de Los Angeles to our colleagues. Jade and Joy had not been the first children that Johnny was in school here. His son David Hallyday was also perfect his education, he was a classmate of Jodie Foster at the time.

Johnny Hallyday had close ties with the high school French and had always been very involved in galas organized by the president. “At the gala of the 1950s there was a decade ago, he had removed his leather jacket at the last moment for the silent auction. Another time he was offered his favourite guitar. Il a few years ago when he gave a concert in Downtown, he personally came to invite all the teachers and staff, ” she explains.

But most of all, Johnny Hallyday was very attentive to the results of Jade and Joy. “In the morning we saw often accompany her daughters to school. He was very proud and very conscious of their academic achievements. One day he asked me : “do you Think they work as well as David ?” says Clara-Lisa Kabbaz. Passed away at the age of 74 years, the Taulier leaves behind him the image of a devoted father and a generous man.

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