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Entertainment 7 December, 2017


The announcement of the death of Johnny Hallyday, the messages of tribute have multiplied. But then Eddy Mitchell expressed his deep emotion, the third member of the ” Old Bitches “, Jacques Dutronc, remain walled up in the silence.

On the night of Tuesday, 5 to 6 December, Johnny Hallyday is gone. The rocker died at his house in Marnes-la-coquette, with her own people, at the age of 74 years. For nearly nine months, the singer has fought against the disease. Reached of a cancer of the lung, the ‘indefatigable had held up on stage last summer, accompanied by his two acolytes , Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc, for a new tour of” Old Scoundrels “. The success was the appointment. Johnny Hallyday, very tired, had nevertheless given the best of himself.

The announcement of the death of the rock legend, the messages of tribute have multiplied. Eddy Mitchell has expressed his deep sorrow to the AFP.” I’ve lost more than a friend, I lost my brother, ” said the singer very excited. The third member of the ” Vieilles Canailles “, Jacques Dutronc did not wish, himself, to speak on the disappearance of the idol of young people. But a few days before the death of Johnny Hallyday, then that his health was not good, Jacques Dutronc had granted an interview to Tv Magazine. Our colleagues, he did not mince his words and warned his silence : “If something happens, I would rather cry in my corner, I don’t want people to see me. There are professionals for that, and I don’t party. ”

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