Johnny Hallyday : find out what the unusual object in the rocker comes off during an auction and Gala

Entertainment 30 January, 2018


For the first time since the death of Johnny Hallyday gone there nearly two months, an auction devoted to the rocker was organized in Eure. The opportunity for a fan of the singer to make the acquisition of a piece a little special.

Saturday, January 27 was held the first auction devoted to Johnny Hallyday since his death in the night of 5 to 6 December last year at his house in Marnes-la-coquette, located in the Yvelines department. For the occasion, over a hundred fans of the rocker had made the trip in the room of the sales of Vernon in the Eure for the chance to acquire lots in connection with their idol.

Vinyl, books, boxes, CDS, or even bottles of wine bearing the effigy of the rocker were to sell. Sixty-five objects came from the collection of one and the same woman from the region that had recently been put under guardianship. Following major financial problems, the latter had been forced to sell his entire collection, collected patiently with her husband for many years.

The highlight of this auction : the remaining end of a broken guitar by Johnny Hallyday himself at the Zenith on December 22, 1984. A fan moved the rocker has spent nearly 500 euros to acquire the unusual object. All in all, this auction devoted to Johnny Hallyday would have brought in more than 8 000 euros. A tidy sum that should restore the smile to the collector in great financial difficulty.

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Johnny Hallyday

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