Johnny Hallyday : for the priest who officiated at the ceremony at the Madeleine, Laeticia has “manifested his faith in his attitude” – Gala

Entertainment 18 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

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Laeticia Hallyday seemed very emotional during the tribute to Johnny Hallyday at the church of the Madeleine in Paris on Saturday 9 December. The priest who celebrated the ceremony was entrusted to the Figaro on his feelings.

Thousands of fans attended the tribute to Johnny Hallyday Saturday, 9 December, will be broadcast on television. They have been close to 700 people come to pray in front of the white coffin of the Taulier during the religious ceremony that took place at the church of the Madeleine in Paris, celebrated by father Benoist de Sinety, vicar general of the diocese of Paris. The latter is entrusted with the Figaro in an interview published on Friday 15 December. The priest didn’t know the rocker, but appreciates his music as he has already ” attended a concert of Johnny “.

During the ceremony, Laeticia Hallyday seemed obviously very moved. Loving, enveloping, she did not fail to be present with our loved ones, the bereaved family of her deceased husband, despite the sadness overwhelming that gnawed at her. The wife of rocker marked the spirits in his dress dark, surmounted by a large cross in silver, depicting a woman crucified with a guitar – a piece of jewelry which was particularly her husband. A true symbol. Would this be the faith of Laeticia ? “She has expressed her faith in his attitude. It is up to her to talk about this if she wants it, ” says the priest in the columns of the Figaro, who does not wish to reveal more. As for any preparation for the funeral, I met the family, but you will understand that these conversations will remain of the order of secrecy and respect for the intimate”, he continues.

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