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Entertainment 8 December, 2017


In an interview given to RTL in march 2003, Jean-Claude Darmon mentioned the estate of Johnny Hallyday. Long-time friend of the Taulier, he explained that the star had everything planned.

In march 2003, Johnny Hallyday the admitted publicly : he struggled against a lung cancer. Following the announcement, the state of health of the rocker was regularly mentioned in the media. Death had often worked with the singer, who had several times escaped the worst. While the star was confiding on his illness, his friend Jean-Claude Darmon was interviewed by Marc-Olivier Fogiel on RTL on the daily life of the star.

The evolution of his cancer, an operation, his morale, the cigarette, the tour of the Old Scoundrels : Jean-Claude Darmon had covered many topics in order to reassure on the state of health of Johnny Hallyday. His friend had even mentioned the legacy of the star, making sure that everything was in order. “Johnny has always planned his succession well before because, contrary to the idea that it is, in fact, Johnny is a smart man and he also knows that we are not going to live forever,” explained the businessman, who is also the godfather of Joy.

“So he had planned his succession, it was the least he could do. This is not because he is in danger, but this is a man who provides. That’s all, ” said Jean-Claude Darmon, revealing a little more about the personality of Johnny Hallyday. The singer is off in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday after having been weakened by a respiratory distress a few weeks before. He will be buried Monday after a tribute popular.


Johnny Hallyday

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