Johnny Hallyday has never made any difference between her biological children and Jade and Joy Gala

Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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If he has always regretted not having been present for her first two children Laura Smet et David Hallyday, the famous rocker got his revenge with his daughters adopted, Jade and Joy.

Johnny Hallyday has learned to be a father. Throughout his life, he has taken a liking to fatherhood, which has been abandoned by hers, Léon Smet, at the age of eight months. Raised by her aunt, the interpreter of “I promise” has been able to count on the support of Lee Halliday, the husband of his cousin, the only father figure of the family. To become a father, therefore, was not an innate thing and easy for him. He was both loving, dedicated but terribly absent for David Hallyday, born of his love with Sylvie Vartan. Always on the road to chain the concerts, “the idol of the youth” has not seen his son grow up. Was his biggest regret. He will share a project with David, an album entitled ” Blood for blood “. A way for him to apologize for his absence.

Later, he became the father of Laura Smet, daughter of Nathalie Baye. At that moment, Johnny Hallyday is older and more laid back. And yet, it is not exemplary : “Johnny was no longer present for Laura, as for David, he told us Amanda Sthers, the author of “In my eyes”. And yet, she is in permanent pain. It is made of a similarity of character with his father.”

But in spite of the different approaches, Johnny Hallyday has never stopped loving her four children : “believe that the father’s unusual will, all the same managed to get the key : his admiration and his love for his daughter, one can read in the Elle magazine. Her last two children, Jade and Joy, the family situation is completely different. “Very proud of them, he mentioned, however, with modesty his regret not to have been present. He also wanted to see his daughters grow up and die at age 85. Destiny decided otherwise.

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