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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


After several of his relatives, including his former tax lawyer, Johnny Hallyday had been very provident in regard to his succession.

Be an icon of rock n roll had not prevented it to be ready. According to his relatives, Johnny Hallyday had anticipated everything in relation to inheritance matters. He had thought long and hard, and knew exactly what he wished to bequeath, and to whom. At the time of the announcement of the cancer of the rocker, in march of last year, the businessman Jean-Claude Darmon, one of his closest friends, had also explained : “Johnny has always planned his succession well before because, contrary to the idea that it is, in fact, Johnny is a smart man and he also knows that we are not going to live forever.”

After his death, some have implied that the amount of the heritage of Johnny was less important than what one could imagine, because the singer had been very extravagant. But in reality, the singer would have prepared her estate with care, leaving nothing to chance. An approach which was apparently very important in his eyes. The testimony of his former tax lawyer is also going in this direction. ” Contrary to what some may believe, Johnny was someone very organized, very meticulous “, said Renaud Belnet in an interview in the Point, published on 12 December last. “He loved that his accounts are in order, and I see it wrong from without having everything set in advance. “

On the other hand, as should be Mr. Belnet, in spite of the precautions of Johnny, the application of his will and testament, promises to be quite complex. The folder is not simple : a blended family, heirs to the statutes of different tax, goods strewn everywhere, an international law and an international tax… decisions of the singer will certainly be subjected to the control of tax specialists of private law.”

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Johnny Hallyday

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