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Entertainment 7 December, 2017


The idol was not a taxpayer model. Throughout his career, he was never really eager to pay their taxes, playing “catch me if you can” with the administration.

Johnny Hallyday was never really interested in the money that came in in his pocket, and even less to those who came out. As for the taxes, definitely not his thing ! As early as 1975, after the commercial oven of her tour Johnny Circus, he has several millions of francs to the revenue. He then declares to leave France for the United States. Finally, he is back after a few months, and eventually sentenced for fraud to a 10-month suspended prison sentence and 20 000 swiss francs fine.

Thirty years later, he was back in the mess. After some negotiation, he settles in 2000, a slate of 20 million francs. Annoyed, he becomes in 2007 a resident in Gstaad, Switzerland. He will comment on that decision thus : “It has often been said that I was barred for not paying taxes. This is partly true, but it is also because it is exhausting to the atmosphere. In France, when you have a nice car, you are treated like a thief.”Anyway, Johnny did not respect the rule that requires a tax resident to live at least half the year in Switzerland, and thus lost its status as advantageous.

In 2006, he dream has taken belgian nationality, before you give up. Finally, he goes up in 2014 for California, where tax rates are much lower than France. In 2017, it is still sentenced to 139 000 euros fine for hidden revenue via Luxembourg.

Speaking of paradise, the French island of Saint-Barthelemy in the Antilles is one of them, including tax. For those who are residents in the past five years, no VAT, wealth tax (ISF), income taxes, or taxes on the estate. In short, by choosing the small island in the west Indies as the ultimate remains, Johnny did a hell of a last foot-of-nose in tax, an administration that he has never worn in his heart.

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