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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


Corner of paradise prized, the small island of Saint-Barthélémy prefers the luxury establishments. A trip rather expensive, but not inaccessible, depending on the season.

The island of Saint-Barth : its 24 square miles, 10,000 inhabitants, its beaches, its tropical climate, the sea inviting, and now the last remains of Johnny Hallyday, put in the ground on the 11th of December down there in the small cemetery of Lorient.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus and overseas Collectivity of france since 2007 after having been an arrondissement of Guadeloupe, this confetti lost in the lesser Antilles, has focused its economy on tourism of luxury.In addition to the family Hallyday, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, billionaire David Rockefeller, and Roman Abramovitch, the business woman Laurence Parisot, or even the show producer Gerard Drouot have a property.

To go from Paris, it takes at least 800 euros for plane tickets, often much more than double in the winter, the high season in the Caribbean. To live there, it is more complicated… On the site almost everything is complete in the coming weeks. The lowest fare for a double room ? 200 euros per night. In a palace ? It is no limit…

As for the villas for rent, the site Airbnb offers some, but not to less than 300 euros per night and per person. The prices fall, in the off-season, to 100 euros. And, according to the Guide of the Backpacker, there is no camping or rural cottage on the island. It doesn’t help that the wild camping is forbidden… As for the shopping, of claws such as Cartier, Hermes, Bvlgari, Chopard, and Louis Vuitton have a storefront, 15% or 20% cheaper than in metropolis. In short, it is better to save if you want to bow down one last time on the remains of Johnny.

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