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Entertainment 7 August, 2017


At 74 years of age, and despite his cancer, Johnny Hallyday has just announced that it would resume on the roads in 2018 for a new tour Rock-and-Blues.

While he has just completed the tour of the Old Scoundrels, the rocker is not decided to do his farewell to the stage. He has just announce that this Sunday, August 6, on his Twitter account, that he would cover in 2018. If no date has been announced, he indicated that he would be this time ofa touring Rock and Blues. What delight his fans, who expected no such new, as his presence at the side of Jacques Dutronc and Eddy Mitchell was already uncertain. But also to silence, once and for all, the rumors about the deterioration of his state of health.

Anyway, this new series of concerts is a challenge for Johnny Hallyday, who has been fighting for several months with lung cancer, imposing a heavy medical follow-up. But each thing in its time. Before going back to work, the idol of young people is enjoying a well deserved rest in his villa in Saint-Barthélemy, in the Caribbean, in the company of Laeticia and two daughters. The rock legend, has celebrated 13 years of Jade as it should be, swaying to the rhythm of the tube Despacito. Indefatigable Johnny ? It is necessary to believe.

Soon 2018 tour rock and blues

— Johnny Hallyday (@JohnnySjh) August 6, 2017Johnny Hallyday

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