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Entertainment 7 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Died in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, as Johnny Hallyday will be entitled to a ceremony outstanding on Saturday, 9 December, in Paris. Important security measures will be put in place.

France prepares to make its last farewell to Johnny Hallyday. As reported by le Parisien, the family of the rocker, and the authorities have decided by common agreement to organize a large ceremony, attended Emmanuel and Bridget Macron on Saturday, 9 December, in Paris. For the occasion, the funeral procession of the deceased will descend on the Champs-Elysées with one pass through the place de la Concorde, enough to allow of many French salute her body. If a mass will likely be held at the church of the Madeleine, the Elysée palace has chosen not to plan for a national funeral, mainly for security reasons. The idea of a free concert to have been also abandoned for the same reason.

Died in the night of Tuesday 5 Wednesday, February 6, at the age of 74 years, Johnny Hallyay has managed the feat of winning the hearts of many generations. Already engaged in front of his home in Marnes-la-Coquette, the Savannah, since the announcement of his death, his fans will most likely be several hundred to come and pay tribute to their ‘ favorite. Important security measures will therefore be put in place to ensure the smooth running of this celebration on an unprecedented scale.

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Johnny Hallyday

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