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Entertainment 7 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

The late 80’s. Before meeting Adeline Blondieau Johnny Hallyday was nearly to marry. With a reporter, that the fans of the rocker have not forgotten : Gisèle Galante. A date was even arrested, but the singer has put an end to the romance before the wedding.

Johnny Hallyday has been married five times. There had been Sylvie Vartan, of course, Babeth Etienne, the second wife often forgotten, Adeline Blondieau (twice !), and finally, Laeticia, the woman of his life, with whom he remained until the end – he died in her arms, on the 6th of December. But the rocker has almost six times married : before meeting with Adeline Blondieau, he had fallen under the spell of the journalist Gisèle Galante during an interview.

In the spring of 1987, Johnny Hallyday meets Gisèle Galante. He separated the previous year from Nathalie Baye, with whom he was not married but had a daughter, Laura. A bachelor, he falls in love with the reporter, the rumor mill revved up, the couple lives a perfect month of love. A wedding is planned : this will be for the June 15, 1988, just before the summer, to enjoy the sun together – as they love to do.

Las, at the last moment, Johnny Hallyday puts an end to the idyll. No marriage for Gisele Galante. The rocker has the usual cancel his engagement in extremis – he had already done so during a potential second marriage with Babeth Etienne, to whom he preferred to Nathalie Baye. The journalist then returns to his life, far from the glitz and paparazzi.

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Johnny Hallyday

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