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This was supposed to be an intimate ceremony, it was a pure madness. When Johnny and Sylvie have their wedding their escape. Story.

Sylvie Vartan was among the first to witness his pain after the announcement of the death of his love, of youth, Johnny Hallyday on 6 December. Return on a love story that has made us dream of the “yéyé”. 1963. Johnny Hallydayet Sylvie Vartan, are the idols of young people. They are on the cover of Salut les copains. We would like to get married, and yet they do not know much, intersect, since 1961. Johnny finds Sylvie’s seductive, she does not give him much attention until one day they happen to speak really with Daniel Filipacchi. They leave together on holiday to the United States, among ” buddies “. They like already They are beautiful, adulated, famous. Their weaknesses are found. They try to keep their story a secret. In vain. France seizes their history, they embody so well the country that is recovering after the second world war. They symbolize the hope of a nation that believes in its youth, its future.

The parents of Sylvie are first to be excited about this romance. Johnny is too sour for their only daughter… and Then they fall under the spell of this young man with blue eyes so bright. Sylvie is happy. This is the important part. Two years later, the couple married on April 12, 1965 in Loconville, in the Oise, where Sylvie comes to acquire a property for his parents. They have to witness Luce Dijou, Mercedes Calmel – Rougerie, Jean-Marie Périer and Carlos. The biological parents of Johnny Hallyday are absent, those of Sylvie manage everything. Until the last moment, the couple is believed to preserve the secret on this union. He’s dreaming of a wedding in the strictest intimacy, fearing the press and photographers. However, the day before the event, journalists learn the new.

“In fact, family ceremony in the small village of Loconville, written Sylvie in her book Mom… X.O. editions, the press is there, not to mention the hundreds of curious onlookers. During the whole ceremony, I was very scared for my people. Where is mom? As long as it is not taken in this crowd. Dad is it really safe? And my grand-mother? That takes care of my grandmother? What must she think of this insanity, the poor, arriving just cold Bulgaria?” Sylvie was crying, Johnny was struggling to keep calm. It was the hysteria : the police surrounded the newlyweds, one no longer knew which were which guests or fans. The couple fled in the direction of the property of the parents of Sylvie and the wedding lasted until the end of the night.

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