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Entertainment 9 September, 2017


In 2018, Johnny Hallyday to come back up on stage. If his health causes concern for some fans, Eddy Mitchell, himself, believes that the tour of the Old Scoundrels “requinqué ” the rocker 74 years of age.

Between the disease, the medical examinations, the rumors and the back and forth by plane between Paris and Saint-Barth, some admirers of Johnny Hallyday fear that their idol does not fatigue too much. So much so that the star 74-year-old out of a tour that was conducted in 17 cities of France, alongside its faithful acolytes: Jacques Dutronc and Eddy Mitchell. Yet, to listen to one of them, the scene wouldn’t be so harmful that it for Johnny. The newspaper le Parisien, Eddy Mitchell reveals that instead of having tired his friend, the tour of the Old Scoundrels would have ” requinqué “. It is in any case what he would have entrusted the doctor of the rock star, stating that the frank giggles between friends after the concerts “had done a lot of good ” to Johnny.

After this tour de France finished in the month of July last, Eddy Mitchell retains his accomplice and long-time a very powerful memory. “Every night, his courage necessary respect to everyone, be it the public or the team “, he assured this week. So, when Johnny Hallyday has entrusted to him wanting to get back on stage in 2018 with a new tour, as his fans call Schmoll was not so surprised by that. “I had already talked about last April when we recorded our duet in Los Angeles, “he says. He showed me what he wanted to do on stage… I said to him : ‘frankly, you have no other thing to do?’. But now, it is a beating. Me, now, I call it Robocop. A new nickname that Johnny Hallyday can now add to the long list of nicknames that give already his fans.

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