Johnny Hallyday, the curious tribute to Eve Angéli : she wants to take back his titles version zouk Gala

Entertainment 15 January, 2018


Eve Angeli is preparing an album of covers with Francky Vincent. Tubes of Johnny Hallyday That I love you or I promise you should be offered version zouk tribute to the ‘ disappeared last December.

Friday, 5 January, Eve Angeli gave an interview to Behold. In the columns of the magazine, the singer has unveiled his new project. It would work currently with Francky Vincent on occasions in tribute to Johnny Hallyday disappeared on the 6th of December last, and buried at the cemetery of Lorient, on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. “He loved the west Indies, based in Saint-Barthélemy so it has a logical side,” said Eve Angeli.

“As we are very fans of Johnny Hallyday, it has started to work about five of his titles version sun,” explained the former star of reality tv, before saying : “We are working on an album of songs of yesterday and today version zouk “. The large tubes in the rocker as I love you, I promise, and something of Tennessee, should be available in version zouk, according to the website Chartsinfrance.

These occasions are not the first joint project of Francky Vincent and Eve Angeli. Last November, he has recorded a duet baptized You’re boring, a modernised form of one of the titles of Francky Vincent out in 1992. A song, and a clip, unveiled on the Internet last December 30. In this video the ” home-made “, the duo simulates a dispute in love.

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