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This will keep the drama of his life. Before dying in his villa in Marnes-la-Coquette, near Paris, Johnny Hallyday was at length confided to the father that he was. And the one that he had not.

Johnny Hallyday who has just died surrounded by his family at his home in Marnes-la-Coquette, near Paris, at the age of 74 years, had agreed to surrender a few months earlier, while he was in his villa in Los Angeles. The documentary will be broadcast on 12 December on France 2. It is called “Johnny Hallyday, France’s rock’ n ‘ roll. And the man with whom he speaks is not a stranger, it was his friend, the journalist and author Daniel Rondeau. Then the Taulier is book. As it has always done. Without a safety net.

And Johnny starts to speak of his daughters, Jade and Joy. “It is difficult to say how much I love these little girls. I am upset these two small, they are part of my daily routine, my life.“, loose there, so moved that we guess his throat is establish to suppress tears. He thought then that he would probably not see them grow up ? That it would not be there for their first heartaches ?

A confidence in leading to another, il then comes on to speak of the father that he is not only with Jade and Joy, but also with David and Laura, whose childhood has him in spite of himself escaped . “With my children, I try to do the exact opposite of what my father did with me. I love my children, I the student, I am proud of the raise… ” to Become a father, to take up this role, it is also for him a way of comforting the little Jean-Philippe Smet, who never ceased crying behind the image both solar and destructive Taulier.

And it is thea broken voice as he confesses to his friend : “But I don’t want to talk too much of my father. It is quite painful for me “. Johnny, who usually does not scroll, can not, at this time, say more. Because her sorrow at the child has never dried up. Because the father failed, now that he knows he’s sick, fragile, still hurts.

Léon Smet had abandoned his son and the mother of the latter when the rocker was only six months old. Comedian belgian then became a television producer, the man was mostly a type lost. Of those which one does not wish to cross the road. In a long interview given to Télérama in 2014, Johnny remembered : “He was an alcoholic, seductive, uncontrollable…Every time he had a job, he lost. Of him, I have known that the worst aspects. The abandonment small, then bills or hospital fees, to pay the forfeiture. It was dead-drunk, slumped in the middle of the street. It was hard, painful, not to have it of him “.

Leon Smet will never have qualms about this son. It will even handle when the latter was to become famous by calling paparazzi for a pseudo-reunion. Johnny was then military. See his own father try to use it will be a bite additional, those with not rise never. Of those that smashes an identity. Johnny will remain all his life a kid badly in need of love.

When Leon Smet will die, in 1989, Johnny will be there. And Johnny will be the only one. “I was confronted with the absolute solitude : this is not to live alone, but die alone. And yet, the loneliness, I was never scared“, he said.

Johnny died on December 5, 2017. Twenty-eight years after his father. And behind his coffin, this will be his family, his children, but also to thousands of people, of all generations, who will be there. A France to mourn this man who gave so much, not to say all, and whose songs, whether we like it or not, were lined with so many memories.

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